Africa’s Dreams Will Come To Pass

National Builder's Prayer Summit

Africa’s Dreams Will Come To Pass
-Rev. Kenneth Meshoe

You, Lord, for watching over Your word to confirm and to perform it. May our hearts be edified and be stirred to action, that we may not be hearers of Your word only, but also doers. Thank You that Africa will be saved. Thank You because this is Africa’s hour. Thank You because You have started Your re-shaking and re-positioning in Africa. Thank You for loving Africa, and the great plans You have for Africa. Through Africa, Your word shall go out to the entire world.

When the Holy Spirit gives the word for “Now” we must be willing to set all our plans aside. This is the hour for Africa. The Lord has handpicked and picked you to have your ear on His mouth, to take instructions from Him to either pick up the pace or slow down, as you look to Him.

[Genesis 37: 5] Joseph had a dream, told it to his brothers, and they hated him more. Joseph’s brothers sought to kill him in order to kill his dream. In other words, they plotted to stop what God had said and planned before the foundation of the world. Joseph was in trouble because of God’s plan that was to be unveiled in his life. In life, when God speaks and declares a thing, there are always people who seek to stop it or oppose what God has ordained. Do not be one of those that will sell out the man of God because of what God has declared over him. Joseph did not give himself the dreams; God did.

God is pained because of the sufferings of His creation upon the earth – diseases, ravages of famine and deprivation of the innocent pain His heart. To end anguish on earth, God has to give somebody the dream. May God raise helpers to support the man God gives the dream. The plan of Joseph’s brothers was eventually to sell him far away from them so that they would not have to bow before him. However, God’s word WILL be fulfilled. If you are destined to bow to him you will bow to him – at home or in another land.

The man given the dream was enjoying the favour of God not experienced by his haters. God’s favour upon a man manifests everywhere – even in the closet – and nothing can take it away. In Potiphar’s strange house, Joseph had favour and was therefore favoured. He got promoted and Potiphar put him in charge of his household. When Heaven has decided to put a man in charge, such man is indeed in charge of his environment, regardless of where he is. However, in order to move from one level to another, there must be a test, just as you cannot advance from high school to university without taking tests. Potiphar’s wife lusted after him, and made immoral overtures to him(Genesis 39: 7-9). Joseph refused to the extent that he didn’t want to be around her (Genesis 39: 10). It’s likely that Potiphar’s wife made lustful advances daily and not a one-off request. Every time Joseph saw Potiphar’s wife, he saw danger; he saw a person, who would take him away from God’s plan and purpose for him. Choose your friends carefully. Do not align with those that do not share your values. Do not make friends with those that will not help you to your God-ordained purpose and destiny because many “friends” neither care about nor intend to push you to actualize God’s plan.

In all this, Joseph refused to sin against God and even dared to mention God in the workplace, when it was not fashionable or acceptable to do so. For this refusal, Joseph paid a grave price. There is a penalty for righteousness – a consequence of choosing to do the will of God. You must be prepared to endure punishment for doing the right thing. Life is said to be unfair, evil is applauded while good deeds get thedoer ostracised. Joseph was wrongly accused of rape; his reputation was tarnished, he lost a good job, and he got thrown into prison. In all these, the favour and hand of God were upon him. Joseph was never bitter. He guarded his heart against bitterness and forgave for all the evil meted out to him. May we be able to forgive wrong-doings against us (even before they ask us for forgiveness), and keep our hearts pure from bitterness(Matthew 5: 8). It is easy to be angry and bitter, but bitterness causes lots of diseases. Forgiveness opens us to miracles and healing. Let us forgive our enemies and those who speak evil against us. Joseph forgave Potiphar’s wife, and went to prison with a pure heart. In the prison cell the favour and grace of God upon him caused him to be promoted again! If God has planned for you to be in charge, you will remain at the top, and nobody can stop you. In Potiphar’s house, he was in charge of a few people in the household. In prison however, he was in charge of many more (perhaps, hundreds of) people.

While in prison, he could have asked about the rightness of his dream. He saw his brothers bow to him in his dream, but here in prison, he was not exalted and none of his brothers were there to bow to him. God showed up to give Pharaoh two related dreams that troubled him, which he could not find an interpretation for from his magicians and wise men (Genesis 41: 8-16). It is worthy of note that (true to his African nature) the Pharaoh first sought solution from magicians and those he considered wise in his corridor of power, but none of them could interpret the dreams. Presently in Africa, governments consult magicians and marabouts who have no solution to our problems. Instead, the problems keep increasing. For the sake of God’s people, the days of magicians, witches and the corrupt leading Africa are over. God is doing a new thing. He has spoken, He is raising a man through which Africa will be saved. God’s people, filled with the Holy Spirit, simply connect to God for solutions. We can say fellow Africans are “our people”, but the truth is that we are all God’s people, and God is more concerned about us. God will raise men after His heart that will do His bidding. Joseph might have sat in prison, thinking to himself that nothing was happening for him, but God was working in the background.

Pharaoh needed answers, and God caused his butler to remember Joseph’s skills. When God has a plan for you, it cannot be changed by those who do not agree with God’s plan, or who do not like you. It does not matter if people reject you, like the brothers of Joseph and Jephthah rejected them (Genesis 37:18-28, Judges 11:1-3). When the time for your elevation is at hand, those who rejected you will go looking for you in exile because you have a solution to their problems (Genesis 42:1-9, Judges 11:4-8). When Pharaoh needed help, he did not go to the highest office in the land; he went to the stinking dungeon to get Joseph. It does not matter where people throw you, God will always find you and his hand will pick you up exactly where you are. Recall also that when God was going to replace Saul as king, He sent Samuel the Prophet to the house of Jesse, who invited seven of his sons (perhaps thinking the other was not qualified) – 1 Samuel 16:1-13. Imagine Jesse’s embarrassment at the rejection of his seven sons, after all the preparations and consecration! However, God saw that they only had kingly looking stature, but not the heart of a king. May God keep our hearts pure.

Eventually, the disqualified youngest (David) was sent for, and God chose him as the king. David was not anointed in secret, but in public, in the full view of his brothers amongst others, and perhaps this incident made him write “You prepare a table before me, in the presence of my enemies” (Psalms 23: 5). The Lord will surprise your enemies as He lifts you up and promotes you; God does not work in private. As they went to fetch David, Samuel insisted nobody was going to sit, eat, or do anything – no progress – until the one rejected by men but chosen by God appears on the scene. Africa is waiting for a man who God is already grooming to take care of His people. God’s purposes shall stand, everything God says WILL happen. It may be popular or not, widely accepted or not, but it will definitely come to pass. In Genesis 41:15-16 Pharaoh acknowledged his helplessness and looked to Joseph, who immediately pointed Pharaoh to God as the ultimate source of his abilities. One of the great lessons we learn from men called into leadership by God is that they do not do things for personal gains or accolades, but for the honour of God (v.16). We must never forget that all we have and do are by God’s grace, and we must, therefore, give Him praise and honour in all things. We must give all for God, because we would have nothing if God did not first give us all we have. Joseph recognised this fact and acknowledged the One who enabled him, as Jesus told us (John 15: 5).

Reading through Genesis 41:28-44, we find that Pharaoh, having recognised and acknowledged his limitations, was secure in his position and was not threatened by Joseph’s capabilities (v.38-41). May God give us leaders in Africa, who will be secured in utilising and elevating others with capabilities to grow our nations, and bless the people without feeling inferior or insecure. Inv.57, at a time of severe famine, the entire world came to Joseph (one man) in Egypt (Africa) for help and survival. In the past, Zimbabwe (then called Rhodesia) sent foreign aid to the United Kingdom, and most African currencies circa 1960s-1980s were either as strong as the American Dollar, or stronger. What went wrong? Those great economic conditions will return to Africa, but we must first dislodge and dispose of the magicians, witches and corrupt entities that have caused Africa’s decadence and suffering over the years. The days of the witches holding sway in Africa are over! Abundance and progress are coming to Africa, because we will align ourselves and our nations with God’s plan. The heavens will open over Africa, and God will shower us with His rich blessings that bring no sorrow (Proverbs 10:22). May the day come in Nigeria, South Africa and Africa, where no child will sleep in the streets any longer. No woman will be prone to abuse any more. Nobody will seek to steal another’s property. No destitute will be left to beg on the streets without family love or means of sustenance. For the sake of God’s people, evil must be sent packing and the righteous must take charge, so that rejoicing can return to Nigeria and Africa (Proverbs 29:2). God has given us all we need to prosper, but wicked looters have taken what belongs to all for their selfish use. Mourning must end in Africa, and celebration must start.

God, our Father, gives rain. When His children work with Him, doing the right thing, we will simply call to our Father and droughts will cease. Jesus said there would be drought and famine(Matthew 24:7; Mark 13:8; Luke 21:11), but this general phenomenon will not apply to places where children of God are in charge, and in agreement with the will of God. This happened in the days of Joseph. Also, the thick, tangible darkness God afflicted all of Egypt did not affect Goshen(Exodus 10:21-23). The world must see that there is an advantage in walking with the King of kings and the Lord of lords. God has raised a man of God in His House (the Church), and when this manifests, the world will reckon with Nigeria; the enemies of Nigeria will be silenced; Nigeria’s dignity will be restored. Nigeria’s progress will transcend all of Africa. The salvation of Nigeria draws near, and a new day is dawning upon her. The Church receives the will of God and agrees with God, in Jesus’ name. The alternative to agreeing with God is the suffering we experience right now. It must stop, in Jesus’ name. The food of the devil is to see people of the earth suffer, and his drink is to see people bleed and die. Where there are no suffering, bleeding and dying, the devil starves. The devil loves suffering, but, our God is a Healer. He will heal Nigeria and Africa through us. Africa is in pain and suffering. Nobody with love of God in his/her heart can be happy with the suffering in Africa. The best brains behind many successful establishments in Europe and the Americas are Africans, who do not benefit Africa. Africa must be restored so that they such people will return to help us build our nations. We must pray for, support and assist God’s chosen, to fix this country.

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Africa's Dreams Will Come To Pass.
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Africa's Dreams Will Come To Pass.

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