Integrity in Business

A very wealthy king who had a great passion for raising sheep needed a man that would shepherd his flock. His trusted servants went through the nooks and crannies of his kingdom in search of the most skilful shepherd. “Here we go again”, they murmured. They wondered why the king

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The Waiting Game

Whether it’s for a child or for that perfect spouse or that dream job. Whatever it is I find that everyone and I mean every single person I know is waiting on God for something. My sister just finished serving her country and is waiting for a good job. My

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God is waiting for You

Often times, we find ourselves in a stalemate. After having lived right, prayed, fasted, attended programs, bought the tapes and CDs, given, volunteered and all the works, nothing seems to move. We find ourselves not moving closer to our dreams or goals than when we first believed. There is a

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Vulnerability in Relationships

[message_box title="Preacher: Dr ‘Tunde Bakare”] Main Texts: Genesis 33: 1-17 [/message_box] My heart desire in the Holy Spirit is to expose those things that people ignore that end up terminating their destiny. However, I want to lay emphasis on one major area in this context. That area centres on relationship,

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