Be Grateful for your Blessings


Scriptural Reference: Psalms 100; Philippians 4:6-9

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord…”

Just as there are protocols to observe before coming before earthly kings, there are also protocols to observe to appear in the presence of our Heavenly Father. From the scriptural reference, we glean understanding of how we ought to appear before God with thanksgiving, even when we have petitions. It is important to applaud God, especially in anticipation of a victory that He is yet to secure for you. It’s just like in a football match, the supporters of the winning team make the most noise, as they cheer on their players.

God has won the battle against the enemy of our souls, so shout for victory! This attitude of thanksgiving, especially in presenting your petitions before God floods your heart with the peace of God stemming from an assurance of being heard by God. Any contrary countenance in the presence of God implies that you don’t believe that God can handle whatever is bothering you.

These series of messages over the next couple of weeks are intended to help us understand the following:
• What you need to know about gratitude
• What does thanksgiving do
• The nature of thanksgiving
• How to cultivate an attitude of gratitude

What is Gratitude?
Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation for a kindness or favour received. “Gratitude works like a vaccine that stops you from being infected with the spirit of grumpiness. It is the antitoxin that counteracts the poisonous effect of ingratitude.” Gratitude is the major difference between the first Adam and the last Adam (Jesus Christ). It was not recorded anywhere that Adam gave thanks for anything that God did for him. On the other hand, Jesus Christ, throughout His earthly ministry, was always full of thanksgiving to God the Father [Matthew 15: 36, Matthew 26: 27, Mark 8: 6, Luke 22: 17-19, John 11: 41-42].

While Adam epitomised fleshly immaturity that exhibits an entitlement mentality, Jesus Christ shows us how to live in continuous spiritual connection to God. The first Adam looked away from God and allowed a distracting voice derail him; Jesus (the last Adam) remained connected to God in thanksgiving and became victorious. Which lineage do you belong to – The man of earth full of ingratitude or the Man of Heaven full of thanks to God for everything and in everything? The choice is yours.

Be Grateful for your Blessings
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Be Grateful for your Blessings

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