The Blessings of Seeing God Face to Face – By Pastor ‘Tunde Bakare


Exodus 33: 11-17 God spoke to Moses as one friend speaks to another. He confirmed to Moses that the latter is known to Him by name. Moses, as God’s friend, made a demand for God’s presence to always be with Him and the Israelites, and God reassures him that He will do all that Moses had asked [v17]. In 1Corinthians 13: 12 Paul declared that though our sights and knowledge are dimmed at the moment, we will know God perfectly, even as we will be known by Him.

In all the nations of the earth, two categories of people crowd the Church of God. In the first instance, there are those with deep-seated hunger and thirst for God [Matthew 5: 6]. These do not hunger for miracles, overnight successes, or consider the Church as a “Bless-me-club”. They do not seek successes that are not founded on hard work and process that precedes tangible progress. Rather, they hunger and thirst for Righteousness. This group of believers understand that their times are in God’s hands, thus they do not chase after the wind, but after the presence of God with all their hearts and minds. These are the generations of those who seek God’s face [Psalm 24: 1-10]. The people in this category do not swear or seek gains deceitfully. They are those who choose to win by righteousness. The reference to Jacob in v6 is a pointer to the re-born Israel, whom God translated from blessings to power, and thus made him a model for all believers who truly seek and meet with God. This was the same translation that occurred to the already-rich Abram [Acts 7: 2] and took him into the realm of power. There is no self-made man in God’s household [Acts 7: 2].

The true believers do not only seek God’s face, but do so in righteousness, and are only satisfied when they come out of such encounter in God’s likeness. When you see God face-to-face, in righteous hunger for Him, your hunger will be satiated and you will come out in His likeness [Psalm 17: 15]. This experience was what people saw in Antioch [Acts 11: 19-26]. This was the relationship that also gave Peter away as one who had been with Jesus [John 18: 15-27].

“A self-made man is a disaster going somewhere to happen.”

What guarantees a believer’s freedom is not just the Truth that he/she knows, but it is the abiding and continuity in the word of God that brings the knowledge of the Truth that guarantees freedom [John 8: 31-32]. When you cease from continuing in God’s word, you stop learning and you start dying.

[2 Corinthians 3: 18] God wants us to be carriers of His glory. He wants men to see our good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven. He wants us to make a difference in our generation, and be different from the crowd – not blending in with our environment like chameleons that cannot be differentiated from the secular society. A true believer should not mind sticking out like a sore finger or being called all manner of unkind names. What the believer should care about is the name God calls him/her. Consider the throngs of millions of churchgoers in our nation, who troop into churches every Sunday, yet our righteousness is negligible. Nobody talks about it, while we care more about outward appearances and false piety.

“If you blend in, you cannot stand out. If you join ‘them’, you cannot beat ‘them’.”

Those that hunger and thirst for righteousness continually press into God’s presence, seeking His face, and are not satisfied until they become like Him. This is perhaps why Jesus told His disciples not to relate with God on the basis of their needs, and to desist from chasing after material things and worldly ends that consumed the time and attention of the ungodly, but rather to seek God’s righteousness, so that what others spend effort to pursue will simply be added unto them [Matthew 6: 25-33]. Unfortunately, the lives of many are not about Faith, Family and Future, but about Fashion and Food, and these two constitute the Future they envisage. v26 is especially instructive to those who engage in prosperity preaching, cajoling their congregations into parting with money on the basis of sowing and reaping. More than tithes, all you are and have belongs to God. Your tithe means nothing to God if you are not His [Psalm 24: 1, John 17: 10-11].

“All things are yours when all yours are Christ’s.”

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