The Idols of The Nations and Their Corrupting Influence


Scriptural reference: Psalm 135:15-21; Matthew 21:1-13

Today, we are dealing with the idols of the nations and what gives such idols the power they possess in the minds of men. Jesus the Lord highlights the source of their power in the parable of the sower as “the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches.” Such deception is powerful enough to choke the word-seed in the minds of those who reverence the idols of the nations [Matthew 13:1-9; 7-22].

At a comprehensive level, you will recall that King Nebuchadnezzar once erected an image of gold in the plane of Dura and compelled global leaders to bow and worship the image of gold. They all did except three witnesses who called his bluff. Those three Hebrew boys were an exception to the rule of mammon worship, they did not bow and they did not burn.

“Whenever success demands compromise, ask God to give you the conviction of steel not to bow. Jesus is our best example in this regard” [Luke 4:5-8].

Q: What are the idols of the nations?
A: Psalm 135:15-18

Q: Who owns gold and silver?
A: Haggai 2:6-9

Q: Who did God entrust with this gold and silver?
A: Mankind. Man rebelled against God and what was given to him was hi-jacked by Satan. From that time, what once belonged to man, became an object of worship and what he would have to toil for.

You may think that you have personal discipline in your prayer life and walk with God, but before you boast about that, bear in mind that all these put together are functions of the grace of God in the life of a believer [I Corinthians 15: 9-10]. The type of prayer referred to here is not the worry-based prayers of mammon worshippers who bombard heaven majorly with requests for their material needs. While it’s not wrong to ask God through prayers to meet your material needs, He has given us clear instructions because He knows our needs before we ask [Matthew 6:24-34].

To know whether or not you are one of those who worship the idols of the nations in the crevices of your heart and the privacy of your home, check your prayer life and your integrity level. If your prayer life is characterized by worry and anxiety, especially when you have material needs, then you are consciously or unconsciously worshipping mammon [Matthew 6:24-34 Cf. Luke 16:10-13].

How can we get gold back without compromise? A local church is either a house of prayers or a den of thieves depending largely on the quality of leaders and the permissive environment for good or evil in said church. This is one reason Jesus went into the temple with a whip, drove out those who bought and sold in the temple and overturned the table of money-changers and the seats of those who sold doves [Matthew 21:12-13]. The root of
this prophecy is in Isaiah and it is all about God’s deep concern and care for the nations [Isaiah 56:1-8]. Unknown to greedy Pastors in the body of Christ, there are very dire consequences, for turning God’s house of prayer for all nations into a den of thieves [Isaiah 56:9-12].

Let us see the purpose of God’s house from the first temple designed and largely provided for by David but built by Solomon. The purpose of the first temple was clearly spelt out by Solomon at the dedication of the temple [II Chronicles 6:18-42]. God’s response was equally clear as to what will happen if the purpose for which it was built was followed by the people or abused by them [II Chronicles 7:12-22]. Here is the bottom line, If we focus on God’s
purpose for His house, we will operate within the dimensions of a well-ordered house and what follows is that gold will flow into the temple as God blesses the industry of His people and your fame will spread and attract people to your doors [II Chronicles 8:16-18 Cf. I Kings 9:26-28].

There were essentially two types of gold that came to Solomon
• The gold of Ophir (fruitful region).
• The gold of Sheba (oath).

The gold of Ophir that came to Solomon were from two sources – Inheritance and Industry.
Recall that David gave 3,000 talents of this gold of Ophir as part of his donations towards the temple [I Chronicles 29:3-5]. After Solomon had established a well-ordered house, economic empowerment followed and through a dint of hard work and industry, Solomon and his people got more gold of Ophir [II Chronicles 9:16-18].

The second type of gold that came to Solomon was the gold of Sheba and there were also two reasons for this:
• Solomon had a well-ordered house built on the values of clear vision and industry that attracted direct foreign investments based on mutual respect. This was what brought the Queen of Sheba to Israel, she heard of the fame of Solomon [II Chronicles 9:1-12].

• The second reason for the direct foreign investment by Queen Sheba was the prayer of David. In David’s Prayer for Solomon, he prayed that God will give the gold of Sheba to his son [Psalm 72:1-20].

When you look at the Logo of the Latter Rain Assembly, almost two-thirds of the background of the tree of life is a gold overlay that represents a heap of gold. Even the 9 bells in the logo are made of gold. This is ours by inheritance, by prayers offered in this house, by our industry and by direct foreign investments based on amazing partnerships
that work [I Kings 9:26-28]. In 2018, our year of Good Success, Consolidation and Expansion, if you acquaint yourself with God and be at peace, both good and gold will come to you and God Almighty will be your defence [Job 22:21-30].

Be careful not to let gold become your god and watch out that you do not end up like Solomon who allowed gold intoxicate him to the extent of violating God’s principles for Kings [Deuteronomy 17:14-20 Cf. I Kings 10:14-11; 1-14; 23-26]. Set your affection on the House and Kingdom of God, like David, and gold will not become your god [I Chronicles 29:1-5; 9-12; 18].

The Idols of The Nations and Their Corrupting Influence
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The Idols of The Nations and Their Corrupting Influence

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