The Impact of the Living Oracles


This sermon highlights the impact of the living oracles, those who received them and to whom they were passed unto. Abraham received these living oracles and passed it onto Isaac who in turn handed it down to Jacob [Acts 7:30-38]. In the wilderness, Moses also received the living oracles and passed them to the children of Israel and charged them to pass them on to subsequent generations [Deuteronomy 6:4-9]. These living oracles represent the Words and Instructions of God.

In Genesis 15 and 17, we see how on different occasions, God brought living oracles to Abraham. God preserved Abraham till the age of 175 so he could pass these and other living oracles not only to Isaac but also to Jacob, however, God still had to reveal Himself to both of them. God blessed Abraham in all things because he obeyed His voice and kept His charge [Genesis 24:1, 26:1-5], and when Abraham saw that God had blessed him in all things, his preoccupation became his succession plan. The concern of every carrier of the living oracles is not just themselves but the next generation. In Genesis 25:5-6, the Bible records that Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac… What ‘all’ did Isaac receive? It was far more than just possessions, it was the living oracles which produced all that Abraham had.

There are two signs that show that Isaac received the living oracles from Abraham:
1. The names Isaac gave to the reopened wells which Abraham dug were the names Abraham initially gave them [Genesis 26:18].

2. The same way Abimelech testified of the impact of the living oracles in Abraham’s life was the same way he testified of same in Isaac’s case [Genesis 21:22-33, 26:28-29]. Thus, Abimelech made a covenant separately with both of them. Note that Abimelech, when he covenanted with Abraham, did so not just for his sake, but also for the sake of his posterity. After the covenant, Abraham planted a tree [Genesis 21:24-33] and called on the name of the Lord for the first time. He planted this tree at Beersheba not for himself but for the benefit of his descendants.

When Isaac got to Beersheba, God showed up and told him not to go to Egypt [Genesis 26:1-3]. In Jacob’s case, when he heard that Joseph was governor in Egypt, he went to Beersheba to inquire of God and God showed up and told him to go to Joseph [Genesis 46:1-4]. They were experiencing the ripple effect of Abraham’s obedience.

The Impact of the Living Oracles
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The Impact of the Living Oracles

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