The Practicalities of Good Success


Scriptural reference: Genesis 24:1-14

Today, our search-light will be focused on the very portion of scriptures where the word “success” occurs for the first time. In Genesis 24:1-14 a glaring fact, between Abraham and Eliazar is that both were men of prayer and what both prayed about came to pass exactly the same way they anticipated before they prayed [John 16:16-24]. The joy of answered prayers can be very exhilarating and intoxicating.

There are just too many psalms to support that assertion. Psalms such as “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Meditate on Psalm 126:4 “Turn again our captivity, O Lord as the streams of the South.” This prayerful verse has two implications
• As you have brought us home, please bring home also the rest of our brethren, who are dispersed and yet remain captives in Babylon, or in other parts of the world.
• Sometimes, God Almighty sends floods of water into dry and barren grounds, such as the southern parts of Canaan and the parts adjacent to it which is an act of God’s great power and goodness.

This is why you will see at least two categories of returnees from Babylon following the proclamation of Cyrus in the book of Ezra. One batch came with Zerubbabel and another batch came with Ezra [Ezra 2:1-2]. It was after the temple was completed in Ezra 6 that Ezra, the priest, led another batch back in chapter 7. All these were answers to prayers like the streams of the South [Isaiah 35:1-10].

What do you do in between the time you pray and the time the answer arrives? If your significance as a person or your sense of security is tied to anything other than your relationship with God, worry, anxiety and fear will choke the life right out of you while you wait for your prayers to be answered. True Happiness lies in trusting God for what you need, knowing that if it is right He will provide it, and if not, He will give you something better in due course.

With that background, we can now do an X-ray of Abraham and his chief servant, Eliazar. God testified about Abraham and his household in Genesis 18:17-19 NIV “I have singled him out so that he will direct his sons and their families to keep the way of the Lord and do what is right and just. Then I will do for him all that I have promised.” (Cf. Genesis 18:17-19 MSG). As for Eliazar who was actually born in Abram’s household, he must have learnt the rudiments of prayer from his master. Besides, the sign of the Abrahamic covenant must have been on him also (circumcision) [Genesis 15:1-3; 17:9-13; 22-27]. It shouldn’t then surprise anyone to see Eliazar’s fervency in prayers as recorded in Genesis 24.

Eliazar’s dossier
• Genesis 24:10-14 (note the word success in v12)
• v21-28 Proper interrogation
• v32-34; A man on a mission
• He was not ashamed to disclose his true identity before total strangers v34.
• He did not hide the secret of his mission’s success, prayer and worship v45-49
• He was ready to worship in private and also in front of others v52-54. His presence inspired the blessing received by Rebecca.

“Do not underestimate what it takes to succeed”

The 5 steps we established from Joshua 1:8 (Meditate, Observe, Do, Make and Have) require personal discipline, fervent prayers industry and generosity of heart. It takes personal discipline to pray, study and meditate on the Word of God. It also takes personal discipline and determination to be a doer of the word without which we cannot make our way prosperous or have a good success. It also takes personal discipline to be industrious and be very productive. Those who pay the price to succeed aren’t lucky, they are rewarded. They are rewarded because they follow
instructions, they are answered because they pray and ask for help from their very present help in time of need.

Do you know that if you have made Jesus your Lord, you have access to the throne of Almighty God and He has every solution to every problem you will ever have or every situation you may find yourself in [Hebrews 4:14-16]?

The Practicalities of Good Success
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The Practicalities of Good Success

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