The Role of Prayer in the Life of a Believer – Pastor ‘Biola Adeyoola


As believers we have access to God and to all that He has, to aid us as we navigate through life’s journey. Its an access that many of us don’t use or consider important, sometimes we even ignore it. We need to boost our faith to connect back to God’s plan and desire for our lives, because the place of PRAYER is the place of POWER

If you’re looking for wonderful results in every aspect of your life James 5:16 tell us that we don’t need to go too far. The scripture tells us that in the place of prayer where there is power you will get wonderful results. This is an access point that many of us fail to plug ourselves into, we need to pay critical attention to our prayer life because this is our power slot.

James 5:17-18 shows us an example of the power of prayer. The Bible describes Elijah as a man “with a nature like ours” to highlight that Elijah wasn’t an angel, he went through some of the same challenges that we go through. In spite of those challenges he was able to discover that the place of prayer is the place of power. The Bible records that “he prayed earnestly that it would not rain; and it did not rain on the land for three years and six months.”

The place of Prayer is where destinies are shaped, circumstances are changed, and situations are transformed. We may have valid excuses for not praying as we ought to, but if you want to see wonderful results in your life its clear we need to prioritize PRAYER!


I Chronicles 4:9 introduces us to Jabez, a honorable man who’s name means sorrow. Jabez accepted that situation until the time when he realized he could do something about his situation. We will remain where we are until we realize that there is something we can do about our present situation. Its notable that Jabez didn’t name himself, and this shows us that there are certain things we go through in life that are not a direct consequence of decisions we made, but the consequences of decisions that were made on our behalf. We must get to the place where we are fed up with such circumstances, if we don’t we will continue to carry those consequences.

The scripture tell us that “..the worlds were framed by the word of God…” (Hebrews 11:3). That means that you need to speak the world you want to see into existence. In the case of Jabez, his Mother created his world to be that of sorrow and pain. He knew that nobody could fix his situation especially not his mother. The bible says “And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” So God granted him what he requested.” (I Chronicles 4:9). Everything that he prayed for were things that were deficient in his life, and he believed God enough to know that He alone could cause a turn around in his life.


Your goodness doesn’t give you immunity from evil. (II Chronicles 20:1). Jehoshaphat was doing God’s work when Moab and Ammon came to battle against him.

Sometimes attacks can be from all angles, but there is a way of escape for you. God will send people to warn you of what is to come (II Chronicles 20:2). The time might not be enough for you to sit, plan and strategize, but no time is too short for you to pray (v.3). Rather than being afraid and fleeing, Jehoshaphat decided to pray along with men of Israel.

“Often we need men and women to stand with us in the place of prayer.”

From this scripture Jehoshaphat established two major things,

God is not our last option.

When he was praying, he focused on the greatness of God and His promises.

Did God answer Jehoshaphat’s prayer? He most definitely did!

II Chronicles 20:12 shows us that in the place of prayer God will tell us what to do. In v14-17 the answer to his prayer came. Whatever it is we’re going through, there is a place where we can go to not only find succor and comfort but most importantly find the keys to unlock the doors to our breakthrough. Frustration sets in when we don’t have the keys to overcome our challenges. God has promised not only to show us what to do, He even begins to reveal the secrets of the evil one.

“If you truly believe that God is all knowing, ask him what he knows about your situation and he will reveal it to you”

Why don’t people pray? Sometimes when we look at our lives we believe God will not hear us. Sin stands in the way of our prayers, against the things we would like to freely express to God, then we begin to feel condemned and can no longer approach God. The enemy ensures that he keeps you away from the place of prayer because he knows the minute you get there you’ve overcome. When the enemy uses your sin nature to hinder you from going to the place of prayer we should remember that God made provision for us on the cross. We have such tremendous power in the place of prayer. It’s time for us to go back and connect to that place of prayer again because in that place lies our power.


As you go into the place of communion with God, every single area of your life, The Lord will give you a word. As you stand upon His word and begin to walk in line with that word you will receive the keys to your breakthrough. Amen

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