The Scattering Horns & The Terrifying Craftsmen

National Builder's Prayer Summit

Thank You, Father, for the Spirit in us that cries – Abba Father! Thank You for opening our ears, eyes and our hearts. We will leave here better equipped than we came and then go and rebuild the ancient ruins and bring glory to the nations. We cannot thank You enough for the blood You shed on the cross at Calvary. We thank You for our right standing with You today. Take glory Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As we continue to pull the trigger in Nigeria, the fire will emit in South Africa and engulf the entire continent. A people that sat in darkness will see the Great Light.

Zechariah 1:12-21 is an account and a promise for restoration. Regardless of what has happened in the past, God will cause a turn around for us individually and as a nation.

(Matthew 13:10-16) God spoke in parables to the people for they lacked hearing ears, seeing eyes and understanding hearts. This is most times the case of nations that refuse to follow simple recommendations, especially those considered low hanging fruits that will put them in the good book of the people they govern. Isaiah’s prophecy was a curse authorised from God, but it was the rebellion of the people that brought it on. They made up their minds to do perverse things, nonetheless, God will save a remnant among them. 

In Isaiah 1:2-31, Isaiah portrayed their past and their present situation that would not have been if not for their sinful and rebellious past. This relates to leaders today who are not only corrupt but are also hypocrites who try to sacrifice to God. Despite their rebellion, God’s intention was not to wipe them out but for them to repent and come back to abundance (v.19).Unfortunately, they hardened their hearts and continued in their sin. Nevertheless, the Lord will restore justice and those who forsake Him shall be consumed.

On the first night of our nation builder’s summit, we ignited a prayer revolution and the three reasons were:

  • To take back our lives, families, cities and nations.
  • To receive divine protocol in establishing our authority within our spiritual jurisdiction.
  • To receive from God strategies for establishing and expanding God’s kingdom.

The danger of environmental pollution has discouraged even the prophets because when they prophesy, not for themselves but for the nation, it’s not always followed and they themselves become victims. Corruption starts from the fountainhead because everything rises and falls with leadership. As a prophet, Isaiah was purged so he could see clearly, hear clearly and not be polluted. We can not be warriors of righteousness or builders of ancient ruins when we are ruined. Without knowledge of the trigger or source of the problem, we cannot help our nation.(Isaiah 6:1-13) God repaired Isaiah’s eyes to see as God sees. In return, he cried Woe is mewhen he realised he was a broken vessel trying to mend another broken vessel. When God finished with him, a new seed, a Holy seed arose with a sense of responsibility to fulfil the will of God. God will have to take away some fountainheads from Africa and this is the year of the execution. God will execute His judgment on them all.

#Prayer: Lord, open our eyes and our ears. Purge us Lord. As you opened Isaiah’s, let us see as you see. Help us Lord to be the remnant that will arise. Men and women that love the land and the people. Stir our hearts to the right path.
Earlier on, we identified 3 reasons why believers have eyes but do not see, ears but do not hear and hearts but do not understand. These are:

  • Spiritual laziness or slothfulness, characterised by prayerlessness.
  • Greed and covetousness that put idols in our hearts before God.
  • The anguish of spirit and cruel bondage.
“Selfishness is the strongest curse of humanity. Selfish and greedy people try to corner the resources of a nation into their pocket.”
Leadership has gone astray, worse still, are in communion with Satan. Believers have no competitive edge or advantage because we do not see and we do not hear due to personal (laziness, selfishness, prayerlessness, greed etc.) flaws. Hence, we pray the Lord will enrich our soul with contentment because godliness with contentment is a great gain.

(Isaiah 56:10-12, Exodus 6:9). There are terrible fault lines in the lives of believers that open the door to the horns of the enemy that invade and devour our lives and ministries. (Zechariah 1:18-21) Many of us with seeing eyes are not looking, so we end up not seeing. The horns are to harass us and take away our prayer life, which relatively leads to prayerlessness and lack of praise to God. These horns are Ignorance, Deception, Confusion and Delusion.

IGNORANCE is deeper than lack of knowledge. It is the rejection of knowledge. Isaiah 56 saysmy servants are ignorant but in Hosea 4:1-10, we see that they know but they reject the knowledge of God. They know the right things and purposely do the wrong things. King Saul banished witches and wizards from the land but when he needed spiritual intelligence and was too impatient to hear from God, he resorted to the evil he banished.


  • Lord, uproot this horn in our lives, our ministries and our nations. Every act of rebellion that drives us into a frenzy is uprooted in our lives. Please be merciful unto us Lord.
  • Every horn that attracts judgment over the deliberate rejection of God’s word is uprooted in our land in Jesus Name, Amen. Deliver us from decline in Africa.
  • Deliver us from the devastation of the illiterate, semi-illiterate leadership and every form of decline in our land.
  • (Daniel 1:3-4) Help us Lord, let Leadership in our land be as David who knew your mind and the depth of his environment. Help our leaders know You in Jesus name.
  • (Isaiah 44:24-26) God, turn the wisdom of their wise men backwards. Frustrate the token of liars and deliver our land, in Jesus’ name.
When God seems silent, don’t be in a hurry to do anything. The way God will fix our seeing is different from when He is fixing our hearing abilities. We should not be desperate to perform just to please people. Do not become divinatory, imagining vain things. Learn not to kindle a fire without God (Isaiah 50:4-5).

#Prayer: Lord, awaken our ears, let us hear as the learned.  Let Your Spirit continually speak to us in Jesus’ name.

(Isaiah 50:7 11) The Lord will help us and we will not be disgraced, we will hear God always. We will not be ashamed. He will direct us to profit. He will give us an understanding heart. The horn of ignorance is uprooted from our lives.

Daniel prayed and his prayers were answered but the angel bringing the reply was resisted by the “prince of Persia” until Michael showed up. Michael showed up to banish the “prince of Persia”.“It takes a prince to bind a prince”, Similarly, “it takes a horn to knock off another horn” (Psalm92:8). Just as we have the horns of the wicked, there is also the horn of the righteous (Psalm 75:1-7).

When there is illumination it is as a result of our rod budding.God has given us the authority and He will ensure that our horn is exalted. (Psalm 132:13-18) For our rod to bud and horn to be exalted, we must die to our self-will; lay them down at the altar. Our will must not conflict with God’s, else we’ll open ourselves up to wicked horns.


  • Lord, help us to die to self-will. We will not rationalise the Word. Let our rod and horn bud so that we can knock off the horn of ignorance. 
  • Lord, give us craftsmen that will knock off the horns of ignorance from our nation.

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 The Scattering Horns & The Terrifying Craftsmen
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The Scattering Horns & The Terrifying Craftsmen

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