The Unassailable Proof Of Christ’s Resurrection



[Matthew 28: 1-15; Acts 4: 32-33] Having focused on the Incredible/Credible Story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, we will continue to search the Unassailable Proof of Christ’s Resurrection. We will understand why the apostles had to give witness to the resurrection of Jesus with great power, despite the fact that none of them was present at the point of His resurrection. In Law, you cannot give witness to something you have not witnessed, hearsay is not admissible evidence. Those that witnessed His resurrection chose to be bribed and spread lies in order to conceal the event. Such propaganda of falsehood was as foolish as it was ineffective, especially as the priests and those who crucified Him knew that He would rise from death [Matthew 27:62-66] and took the extra precaution to have His tomb guarded with a seal placed on the tombstone that nobody should touch or remove. If there was no resurrection, then everything we preach is a lie, and we will be the most miserable of all men [1 Corinthians 15: 19].

In Matthew 27:27-31, we are shown how Jesus Christ was mocked and physically abused. He had to wear a crown of thorns [v.29] to reverse and break the curse placed on the ground through Adam’s fall [Genesis 3: 17-18]. He endured offences to show us how not to take offence or be annoyed when we face antagonism and abuse because of the gospel of Christ [v.30]. His ordeal up to His crucifixion is noted for us to take cognizance of His resurrection power. In v37 the inscription “THIS IS JESUS THE KING OF THE JEWS” was written above His head on the cross, in 3 languages (Greek – language of commerce, Latin – language of power, and Hebrew – language of religion), the three forces conspired to get rid of Jesus. The religious leaders at a time protested against the incorrectness of the inscription, but Pilate would not change what was already written [John 19: 19-22]. “It is written” is the waterloo of Hell. Satan is not threatened by you, but the moment you can stand on the authority of God’s word, Hell is in trouble

“If you know and stand on God’s written word, you are a terror to the devil.”

Note that in v62, only the Chief priests and the Pharisees went to Pontius Pilate in anxiety about Jesus’ foretelling of His resurrection. The Sadducees, on the other hand, did not believe in the resurrection and had no interest in the subject. As far as they were concerned, Jesus was dead and gone [Matthew 22: 23-33]. At the behest of the Chief priests and Pharisees, the tomb where Jesus was laid was heavily guarded, it was practically impossible for the disciples of Jesus (who were already scared into hiding) to have gone up against such alert guards and steal the body of Jesus [Matthew 28: 1-4]. It took only ONE angel from heaven to roll back the tombstone and sit on it. Only one angel scared the guards witless.

Everything blocking your way is rolled away, in the mighty name of Jesus. All the blockades of the enemy against your access and rising to power are rolled away. Affliction will not come to you twice. Heaven is sitting upon what had blocked your way, and it will not roll back to hinder you anymore, in Jesus’ mighty name.

The Fact of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is not traceable to any man or any angel. In the Old Testament, the likes of Elijah and Elisha raised the dead, Jesus Christ also raised the dead. However, when Jesus died no man or angel raised Him from the dead. This is the fundamental cornerstone of our faith – that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is not traceable to any man or angel. The angel that appeared simply rolled the stone away and sat on it, so that all could see that the Lord had risen.

Who Raised Jesus?

The Three-in-One God (Trinity) raised Jesus. The evidence of the existence of the Trinity of God is fully seen in the creation story in Genesis 1. The Council of Heaven met to make (not create) the fourth part of the God-head (Man) to reign as heavens regent on earth [Psalms 100: 3].

The Irrefutability of The Three-in-One God:
God has left footprints and signatures of Himself and His nature in His creations so that we are not in doubt:
The Sun is only one, yet it gives both heat (warmth) and light (sight).
An egg reflects the Trinity of God – it consists of the Yolk, the Albumen and the Shell.
We inadvertently reflect the Trinity of God in even mundane fashion such as the three-piece suit.
Man is a Spirit, with a Soul and living in a Body. Just as a crashed plane has a record of events in its black-box, so also, the soul records all the spirit of a man has done while in its body [1 John 5: 7-8].

May God, who created your spirit, soul and body, bring you into alignment with His Three-in-One nature, in Jesus’ mighty name.

The Trinity and The Resurrection of Jesus:

The resurrection of Jesus is traceable to the Trinity in that:
The resurrection of Jesus is traceable to Himself (John 10:17-18). Others were raised from death, but He rose from death by Himself [Acts 2:24; Ephesians 4:8-9; Colossians 2:15; 1 Peter 3:18-19; Revelations 1:18]. Jesus took away the key of death that it may have no power over us anymore, and also took away the key of Hell that it may not hold His chosen anymore.
The resurrection of Jesus is traceable to God the Father, and the Holy Spirit [Romans 6:1-4]. He was raised by the glory of the Father [v4]. The Father is clearly mentioned, but who is the Glory of the Father? It is the Holy Spirit [Romans 8:11].

Just as God had sent Jesus Christ, so also Jesus sent us and endowed us with the Holy Spirit of God [John 17:18; 20:21]. The manner of our regeneration in God is also the same way Jesus was conceived in the womb.

The most forthright proof of Jesus Christ as the Son of God with power is His resurrection from the dead. The Bible shows us Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit, to be tempted by the devil, and He returned to Galilee in the power of the Holy Spirit [Luke 4: 1-13], but the proof of His sonship with power is His resurrection from the dead [Romans 1:1-4]. Everything about Jesus from His conception to birth, to ministry and ascension into heaven, was about the Holy Spirit. At every point in His earthly existence up to His temptation, resurrection and ascension, you would see the presence of angels. If Jesus lived supernaturally, why must we content ourselves with living and dying in the natural? He has given us the power to be like Him [Romans 1:5-6]. As His Father sent Him, Jesus also sends us in the same way. Angels have ministered to us even before we became heirs of salvation, and will continue to do so if we do not live in rebellion and disobedience to God [Hebrews 1:14].

The apostles gave witness of the resurrection of Jesus, which they did not see. They were able to do so with the power of the Holy Spirit that operated in Jesus without measure while He was on earth [Acts 1:4-8; 4:33] – they were not witnesses “of”, but gave witness “to”, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You cannot prove the resurrection of Jesus Christ without the Holy Spirit. The promised Holy Spirit came like a mighty rushing wind at Pentecost [Acts 2]

“If you cannot prove the resurrection of Jesus, you are not a witness of Him.”

NOTE: The Holy Spirit is not Fire, Water, Oil, or Wind. The Spirit coming “like” them is not the same thing as the Spirit “being” them. These elements are symbolic of the impossibility/futility of attempting to hold the Holy Spirit. Also, the Holy Spirit is also not a dove. The dove symbolized the Holy Spirit for these three reasons:
The dove has no bile (bitterness). You cannot be in God’s ministry with bitterness
Purity. The male dove mates with only one female dove throughout its lifetime, barring death of either of them
Total focus. The dove has two eyes but can only see one object at the same time.

The Holy Spirit is not a spirit of confusion or torment. As such Peter boldly responded in Acts 2:14, explaining what the multitude had seen and heard but had not understood. The coming of the Holy Spirit was the concrete evidence that Jesus had arrived at the throne-room of God, and was fulfilling His promise [Joel 2:28].

The proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the in-filling of the believer by the Holy Spirit, and the empowerment of the believer to do exactly what Jesus did, and even greater works [Acts 2:29-39].

“Any church that despises the ministry of the Holy Spirit is a dead church!”

You have no proof of Jesus’ resurrection, except the Holy Spirit fills you, indwells you, helps, comforts, strengthens, guides and leads you unto all truth, reminds you of things that you have been taught, and shows you the things that are yet to come. Ultimately, the Holy Spirit will make you supernatural while you live in the natural realm. By Acts 3, we encounter the lame man by the Gate called Beautiful, who was around in the days of Jesus, but got no healing until Peter and John were empowered by the Holy Spirit. He wanted alms but got something better, because Peter was connected to God (Compare with Acts 5).

“Beggars (rich or poor) always look for crumbs that don’t give satisfaction.”

Arise and shine, in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. The glory of the Lord – that raised Jesus from the dead – is risen upon you, in the name of Jesus.

If the Lord tarries in coming back, we will all definitely die in the body, but that is where the similarity ends. There are two types of resurrection, and the type you choose will make all the difference in eternity [Daniel 12:1-3; John 5:24-29]. Who do you believe? The resurrection you will experience in eternity depends on what you do with Jesus right now. He is the Resurrection and Life [John 11: 25]. If you will accept Him as both your Lord and Saviour, you will be raised to eternal life, but if the Resurrection does not dwell in you before you die, you will resurrect into eternal condemnation. If you have not taken that decision, then choose Life today.

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The Unassailable Proof Of Christ’s Resurrection
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The Unassailable Proof Of Christ’s Resurrection

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