Dear Partner,

I thank God upon remembrance of you, especially for your partnership with me in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. God has supernaturally brought us together to achieve more than we can individually accomplish in the honorable task of the Great Commission.

No Pretenses

God has given me a vision that I could in no way accomplish without the help of others. He has given me the mandate to pray, preach and prophesy till revival comes. To teach men and women, boys and girls that they can win by righteousness. To proclaim in the nations of the earth, to all kindred, people, and tongues His Kingdom, Power and Glory, and to make ready a people prepared for the coming of the Lord.

My Commitment to You

I personally consider this mandate an awesome responsibility as well as a great privilege; and I openly confess to you that it is humanly impossible to accomplish all these by myself. That is why I am candidly asking you to help me. Let us partner together, pool our resources–spiritual and material–together for the expansion of God’s Kingdom on earth. We have but a little time left to reach the world with the Gospel of Power.

Through our Department of Partners’ Affairs, there is an open line of communication between you and I. And if you write me, be rest assured that your letter will be replied, and your prayer needs will be taken to the Throne Room of God. In addition to this, once a month, partners will receive teachings on Winning by Righteousness, as well as be invited to Partners’ Conferences, in different locations and at different times, to facilitate a thorough equipping of my partners against the onslaught of the enemy in these last days.

Integrity in Ministry

I covenant with all my partners that the high-level integrity in my private, public, and financial life will be maintained to ensure that no reproach is brought to those who so much believe in the ministry that God has committed into my hands. I covenant to be your worthy ambassador everywhere and at all times.

My Expectation

Partnership is not a one-way affair. Consequently, I expect every covenant partner to pray daily for me and my family, to lift us up specifically before God for:

1.       His protection as we travel the world in the business of the Kingdom.
2.      For wisdom to handle the affairs of the ministry, and
3.      For unction–the ever-needful unction–to function in the offices that God has placed me in, so that I may continually be a blessing to my generation.

Secondly, I expect my partners to be doers of the Word and apply the principles of the Word of God being taught through correspondence and tapes, so that they can be truly blessed to become a blessing. Finally, I expect my partners to sow spiritually and materially–by way of a Spirit-led generosity–into my life and ministry. It becomes a lot easier for me to fulfill God’s mandate locally and internationally.
Your seed is powerful and reaping usually follows sowing.
Three benefits are guaranteed for my partners:

1.       Protection (Psalm 91:1-12)
2.      Favour (Acts 2:42-47)
3.      All-round prosperity (3 John 1-3)

I thank you so much for choosing to be my partner and for taking your precious time to read this letter, as well as filling the Dominion Partners’ Commitment Card. You are a pillar behind my ministry.

Yours in the Service of the King and His Kingdom

Dr. ‘Tunde Bakare