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0 All Booked All Booked All Booked 2213 Dominion Partners Quarterly Meeting http://dominionpartnersglobal.com/event/2213/?event_date=2018-06-01&reg=1 https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr 2018-06-01
01 Jun, 18
0 All Booked All Booked All Booked 2214 Dominion Partners Annual Conference http://dominionpartnersglobal.com/event/dominion-partners-annual-conference-4/?event_date=2018-07-04&reg=1 https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr 2018-07-04
04 Jul, 18
0 All Booked All Booked All Booked 2215 Dominion Partners Breakfast Outreach http://dominionpartnersglobal.com/event/dominion-partners-breakfast-outreach/?event_date=2018-07-07&reg=1 https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr 2018-07-07
07 Jul, 18

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The Practicalities of Good Success

Scriptural reference: Genesis 24:1-14 Today, our search-light will be focused on the very portion of scriptures where the word “success” occurs for the first time. In Genesis 24:1-14

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  • Tunde-Bakare_DPmeeting1
    The Idols of The Nations and Their Corrupting Influence

    Scriptural reference: Psalm 135:15-21; Matthew 21:1-13 Today, we are dealing with the idols of the nations and what gives such idols the power they possess

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  • Tunde-Bakare_DPmeeting1
    The Quintessential Value of Wisdom

    Scriptural reference: Ecclesiastes 10:10; Luke 3:9 Let us begin by clearing and cultivating the grounds of our mind. We will uproot any leftover weeds and

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  • Tunde-Bakare_DPGpartway
    The Blessings of Seeing God Face to Face – By Pastor ‘Tunde Bakare

    Exodus 33: 11-17 God spoke to Moses as one friend speaks to another. He confirmed to Moses that the latter is known to Him by

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