It Is Not a Mantra

I believe many people have either heard a message or read a book on the theme Pursue, Overtake and Recover All. Please don’t allow what you have heard or read before now to determine how you will respond to this message. By the grace of the living God, I want to show you what you have not seen hitherto.

The phrase “pursue, overtake and without fail recover all” is not a mantra, a cliché or a magical formula for you to recover from corporate or individual tragedy. 1 Samuel 30 is a story of nobodies and lone rangers who became somebodies. When they were introduced in 1 Samuel 22:1–2 before David became their captain, they were discontent, in debt and were distressed. Clearly, they were a pack of riffraff. In time, they had wives, children and a whole city called Ziklag was theirs. Then, suddenly, everything they had acquired, including their wives and children, were taken away and Ziklag itself was burnt down.

The reason I said it is not a mantra or a cliché is that you can pray all night, standing on “pursue, overtake and without fail recover all,” and can even demonstrate it prophetically, but when the dust settles, you are back to square one. It is not a charismatic ‘go get it!’ So, by the Spirit of the living God, let us unveil the truth in this story, so that we all, without fail, can recover everything we have lost and all that the enemy had stolen from us.

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